MochiCat - Solana's cutest cat

Community Takeover of

The cutest cat on solana

Marketing Wallet: 8U6h9KPjGJ2ty59YNMEfhRzgYdjAmLQQTTgyeygsX2tN

Mochicat on Solana

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Mochicat is now available for trading on major decentralized exchange and a centralized exchange.


More exchange listings are on the way!

What’s MochiCat?

MochiCat Token is now officially a Community Takeover! After the original developer dumped all their tokens and abandoned MOCHICAT, (leaving it languishing with a market cap of just 5K) we stepped in to rescue the cute little MOCHI CAT.

After the Community takeover we pushed MochiCat’s market cap to over 27 million and we’re working on pushing it back there and beyond!

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The Memes

Mochicat is Solana’s cutest cat, and here are just a few of the many Mochicat Memes – visit our Discord for more and to add yours!

How to buy MochiCat Token?


1. Create your Phantom Wallet

Go to Chrome/AppStore/Google Play and download Phantom. click here

2. Buy Solana

Go to Moonpay inside the Phantom Wallet browser or use OKX to buy Solana.

Buy on OKX | Buy with Moonpay

3. Send Solana to your Phantom wallet or Trojan Bot

Make sure you copy your Solana wallet address from Phantom “Receive” and send your Solana from any exchange like OKX.


Once you have confirmed that you have Solana in your Phantom wallet you can go to Raydium or Birdeye, choose the amount of Solana you want to spend and input the MochiCat contract address: EVDQN4P1YTTD1Y3eLBDBoALWnR4aMBC9y2xUYCrbGbuy

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